Twice upon a rhyme was born the voodoo child. He knew not where he was going but knew it was gonna be a funky ride. He was out of place and surely out of time. He could not silence the calling in his heart. The calling of Music, Art and the written Word. The creative onslaught was overwhelming and he found it hard to focus.

Then life got outta hand and led him to other lands and rest stops along the highways of achievement. Now, with newly found direction, and a mastermind being formed, theres a storm brewinッ. Cominッ atcha like a hurricane. Jon Medley.

At present an original CD is in the works so keep your ears on the ready.

Here is one of the recent collaborative tracks he created with Roderic Ross.



Love to Love Ya Babe (Lyrics, music and vocals by Jonny and Rod Ross)

more original tracks will be added soon....